Thunderbird is an interactive program developed by the Mozilla Inc. for the users who want to keep their e-mailing safe, fast and easy. The program offers safety feature to your e-mail by providing filters, which keeps your account away from different security threats including junk and garbage e-mails. Also your system will be protected from the virus infections, which usually enter in your system by clicking unknown and dangerous links emailed to you from unknown users. These unknown links often carry Trojans and spyware to attack your PC, also there are chances of getting unauthorized access of your computer by clicking on links sent to you by a unknown dangerous party.


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Features of Mozilla Thunderbird:

Tabbed e-mail:

You might be aware of the tabbed browsing feature of the Mozilla Firefox web based browser, the feature of tabbed e-mail follows the same format though it is different from tabbed browsing, with tabbed e-mailing you can read a mail without leaving the current page of the window, that is you can make a double click on the mail and open it in new tab to read. Further you can switch to multiple tabs by using the tab menu featured by the program.


The search interface of the application works on the integrated filter and timeline tools, and that exactly shows that the result what you are looking for and likewise typed in the keywords in the search bar. The search results found in the window will be displayed in a new tab so that you can find more easily without even the main page of the browser.

Message Archive:

You might have accessed the normal archived feature in the website of your email account, well the archived feature of the Thunderbird works in a similar fashion. Choosing archive option will lessen unnecessary e-mails from your inbox and will keep it managed. You can simply hit on the Key ‘A’ to archive an e-mail from the inbox.


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User Interface:

Thunderbird has a smooth and lightweight skin, and you can also make changes in the appearance of the program and create your own and favorite skin. You can explore featured skins from several categories including movies, landmarks or tattoos. You can create your own personalized theme and dress up the Thunderbird likewise.

Add-on Manager:

You can find several add-ons for Thunderbird, which will enhance the capacities of the program accordingly. For this, you will not need to visit any website, but you can just explore the add-on manager integrated in the program and choose the add-on as per your needs. To choose the right add-on for your program, you can prefer the recommendation and ratings provided by the users genuinely for the add-ons.

What is new with the Latest Updated Variant of Thunderbird?

An issue was raised in hardware acceleration of Thunderbird, which used to cause program crash has now been removed from the program. Similar other minor bugs have been fixed with the latest release of the program, which might have caused program failure while accessing.