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Download Snow Bros Game for Free

by boris

In the midst of various adventure games, puzzle games and racing games there are also some games that are different than these categories. One such game is the Snow Bros. As the name suggests, it is about two brothers who play a game with snow. Now as every game has a concept and a story line, similarly this game also has a very interesting concept. Two brothers Nick and Tom are the main characters in the game and they are into throwing snow on their enemies. The game was developed in the 90s and again now it has been brought with various new features. The game has been redesigned and launched and thus a number of features and applications have been modified in it.


Some of the features of the game Snow Bros are:

  • The game can be played and enjoyed by anyone as it does not have any kind of tricky or difficult ways to play.
  • There are almost 50 stages and each stage has its unique concepts that makes the game interesting and keeps it far from any monotonous feeling. Along with 50 stages there are about 20m monsters, that you have to defeat crossing each stage.
  • When you play the game online you can see your other friends on the leader board. Compare your scores with them and compete with them by scoring more and clearing all the stages.
  • The main aim is to cross all the stages by defeating the monsters and at the end have to save the princess. Also, when you delay in crossing the stages, pumpkin ghosts are there to harass you.


Along with these features Snow Bros Game becomes very interesting and also at times adventurous. Playing the game is also very easy and simple. The two brothers, the characters of the game are throwing snow at the monsters i.e., you have to help them to throw the snow properly at the aim of the monster to defeat them at the earliest. When you have scored some good scores then you get elixir dropping from the sky. These are the extra powers that can help you in crossing the stages of the game. Various elixirs mean various powers such as:

  • Red elixir is for walking faster.
  • Green elixir gives you a power through which you can touch your enemy to defuse.
  • With yellow elixir you can increase the range of the snowball.
  • And with the help of blue elixir the number of snow balls increases by which the enemies can be frozen.

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When playing in the multiplayer mode, the keys of the computer can be divided for playing. The first player can use the keys W, A, S and D for moving. J and K keys can be used for throwing snowball and jumping respectively. Along with that the second player uses the arrow keys on the keyboard to move and the keys (;) and (‘) to throw snow and jump. The H key is used by both for pausing the game at any moment.

So, if you’ve memories of playing this awesome game way back in childhood, download Snow Bros Game now and start reliving it!

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