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by boris

PRO Skitch is a utility application for editing, capturing and exporting screenshots for different types of presentations. It is a very lightweight application which provides the utility and helps in creating the extravagant finished product without hassles. The application is not packed with extra features and provides utility of screenshots capturing, editing and exporting to users. The application can be used for visually sharing thoughts with other people. There are various uses of the application such as fun, work, events, home, education etc. The application provides mark up of photos and screenshots and later, they can be shared for fun purposes via email, social media, SMS etc. The application can also be utilized for annotating the photos for planning the design. The events can also be planned with the use of application by capturing and marking up the map and sharing it with friends anywhere. For education purposes, the application can be used while preparing presentations. It is also very useful for work purposes as it will help in annotating the screenshot for communicating the change in files and avoid long email chains.


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Capture options – The capture option is the main functionality of application and helps in capturing the images in different ways. The full screen capture, Screen snap and specific window portion can be selected for capturing depending upon the requirement of user. The timed screen snap option is also available for handling different situations.

Mark-up and editing tools – After capturing the shot, the editing of image is required for emphasizing the specific areas. The program is well equipped with several mark-up tools for helping the users to pass their messages in visualization. The text can be added, highlighting of areas, stamp placement, pixelate sections and cropping of image are some of the major functions of application.


Unstructured interface – The interface of application is not structured appropriately and not intuitive. It is not convenient to be used. The application also hangs within the programs and makes the functions complicated within the program.

Bottom Line

PRO Skitch is a very competent application and serves utility programs for capturing, editing and exporting the screenshots in effective manner. The interface is not very intuitive but there are various other features to compensate the same. Since there are so many features in program, it takes long time to load the features in application. Overall, the program is good choice for users who need to take, edit and export screenshots for effective communication. The application provides basic editing but not advanced editing options for screenshots.


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Publisher’s Description

PRO Skitch can be considered as effective tool for visual communication and helps the users to edit their images with complete customized benefits. The application is recommended for users who want to solve the problems and enhances communication with sharing the visual ideas. The captured or uploaded photos can be used for several purposes and shared easily in wide network. It is a multi-purpose tool which enables the user to mark-up the document or photos virtually.

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