Send To-Convert is a utility application with various functions and features for image conversion. It enables quick image conversion processes and can be done in an easy manner. The application can be used for resizing of images and converting the images in few clicks. The user can right away select one or more images and need to click on “Send To” menu for further image processing and final results. The application has interactive approach of usage and asks the user every time for output format options. The user can also disable the default settings of interactive approach for further processes. The converted images gets automatically saved in destination folders with modified name and the designated subfolder separates the modified file from the original file.


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  • Quick and easy process of converting the wide image formats
  • The task of conversion can be done without any hassles with drag and drop feature of application. The user can drag the image by right clicking on it and conduct further image conversion.
  • User need not to select saving location every time, when image is processed. The application will select destination folder automatically.
  • The application has wide variety of formats for input and output images such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and other popular formats. The images can also get adjusted for quality, sampling and size of file.
  • The plug-ins can also be installed for performance improvement of application and adjustments of GUI can also be made by users.


  • The users can save time with quick image conversion process
  • The application can be operated directly from explorer menu
  • It is a compact application and conversion of images can also get customized easily
  • Transparency preservation and resizing options are additional features of application
  • The image conversion task and their configuration is easy for users


The only problem with the application is that it automatically selects the destination location and saves the file in the same folder. It creates confusion in the original and edited image files. Alternatively, user can choose “Add to Send To” menu within the setup program and launch “Send to Convert” program.


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Bottom Line

The application is useful, simple and efficient for image conversion. The exceptional features of batch image processing enhances the basic image conversion applications and also, save lot of time. The application does not have any hassles and complicated options. It is significant for professional users who looks for simple image conversion features with some modifications in files.

Publisher’s Description

Send To-Convert is easy and quick application for converting the images. The single click of user can complete the task and it starts with “Send To” menu from explorer. The drag and drop feature enables the user to configure their own options and setting for better usage of services. The support of wide variety of formats for input and output is also an added advantage of the application.

Change Log

The updated version of application has fixed some minor bug fixes and also, fixed the issue of saving JPEG format with specific limit of file size.