Pidgin is a versatile instant messaging application that allows you to connect with multiple IM networks. This means you can establish communication on multiple networks by simply using one application. You will get a series of dynamic tools at the every corner of the application as well. The application also support various plugins that make the navigation smoother and simpler.


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Features of Pidgin Application:

Compatible with Other Instant Messaging Application:

You may find several useful and impressive features in the Pidgin application, but its compatibility with other instant messaging applications makes it different form other application. The application enables you to chat on multiple protocols at the same moment, for example – AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, IRC and many other programs. The installation of the Pidgin Instant Messaging application is not so complication, you can simply follow the instructions followed by choosing your desired settings and finalize the installation.

The only thing which is required in the installation of application is the GTK+ runtime environment. But still you do not have to be worried about it as the application installer itself as it contains an integrated GTK+ runtime environment that permits your application to be accessed successfully.


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Enhanced Customization Options:

Before making the use of Pidgin, you will have to create multiple number of accounts in the program at different integrated messaging platforms. The graphical user interface of the program looks amazing and offers ease in utilization. Moreover, you may also make changes in the interface of the program using the customization options given into it. Different number of themes can be utilized to change the skin of the program interface. To explore more tweaks to implement in the interface of Pidgin, you can explore different plugins of the programs that can be found on web easily, these plugins are capable of enhancing your experience with the program by making renovation in the application interface.

Cleverly Organizes Contacts lists:

You will find out various tool in the field of managing contacts within application, you will find ease while sharing any media or doc file to any of the integrated messaging platform using Pidgin, and it also supports better tabbed conversation on multiple networks, you can also find a font customization option with the chat window of the program that permits you to explore different format styles to while making conversation. The application is a real legend that it is carrying a huge bundle of features and component with a simple user interface.

The program also does not make you face any sudden crash issue or any other bugs while making the access. You can make both individual and group conversations using Pidgin application. In this sector, you can likewise explore various customization options too.

Change Logs:

There are some general changes found in the latest variant of the program. Such as if you have used the application previously, you had observed trouble while logging into the MSN platform, and into some XMPP servers, with the latest release of the updated program these two bugs have been fixed.