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Download Nox App Player for PC – Best Android Emulator

by boris

We all are familiar with the craze of Android games and development of games like Pokemon Go have had raised the bar for Android game lovers. There is so much fun, amazing graphics, stupendous sounds and what not in these Android games. What they lack is ‘a smaller mobile screen’, but imagine how great it would be if we all can play our favourite games on a much bigger screen? Well, here comes “Nox App Player” to the rescue. Now, if you ever want to enjoy famous games like Pokemon Go on your laptop, you can always rely on Nox App Player.


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What is Nox App Player?

Nox App Player is yet another Android emulator just like Bluestacks, offering much better service and features. Based on 4.4.2 KitKat version of Android, it offers a platform most people are familiar to. The UI is very simple, allowing everyone to learn it without any difficulty in installation and usage. Already integrated Google PlayStore makes searching of favourite applications and game easier.

What’s New?

Using an Android application is one thing, but playing Android games on a computer would require some keyboard and mouse skills to make it more exciting and enjoyable. Well, not all people are familiar or comfortable with keyboard functioning, so apart from these i/o devices, Nox App Players also allows the user to attach game pads and controllers to the computer; integration of camera and microphones is also possible. You can always map W, S, A, and D keys for controlling the character of the game and other keys will be then free for skills and shots. Isn’t cool? Not only this, the application allows to open multiple windows parallel at the same instance, which makes it multitasking application to use Android app and playing game both at a same time. It also allows multiple players to play the game on a single computer, if that game allows.

What makes it to come on Limelight?

Nox App Player is developed on 4.4.2 KitKat kernel and that is what makes it to surpass the technology of other Android emulators like Bluestacks. The performance of hardware is much efficient and faster, controlling is easier, and it exhibit high compatibility, which makes it to adopt the UI of Android smartphones in more simpler and efficient manner.

Owing to its compatibility, the application can be easily run on Windows 10. The functioning is smooth and is tested by the efficient Nox’s development team on different platform to assure its feasibility. The shortcut on the desktop will make easier to boost second player for multiplayer gaming. It is also possible to run multiple Nox App Player parallely on the same computer; however, it depend on the system configuration as well. And if your computer lacks high end configuration then you would not need to worry as this application allows to customize occupation of CPU and RAM for better gaming experience and android app usage.

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How to Download?

Downloading and installing is easy, you just need to click on the below mentioned download button for offline installation and your downloading will be triggered. After an installation, just open it and create or login to your Google account for using it.

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