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Download News360 for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

by boris

News is an important part of daily life. But in today’s busy schedule it has become impossible for maximum people to stay updated with whatever is happening around the world. Sitting with a newspaper or sitting in front of the television to see news is not possible every day for such individuals.

So, News360 is made for such individuals who do not get time to go through the news. This application on your device simply sends you alerts and notifications of news that you can open to see it whenever and wherever you feel like. The greatest thing is that you can access the application both on your android device and also on your Windows PC (by following some simple steps).

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Features of the News360

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  • The interface of the application is made in such a way that you can skim through the latest headline and can open particular news to read it in details.
  • The application brings in news and information along with various articles and blogs from over 30,000 web sources.
  • The application understands that which type of news items you are interested in after some usage and then it provides you the news of your interest so that you do not have to search for it avoiding other news articles.
  • The application can be easily personalized by shrinking in the news of your interest and by saving them in folders for later uses. If you are interested in some news article but at present you do not have time then you can save it in your folder so that you can read it at your convenient time.
  • The application also has the feature of detecting your location and providing you the local news from that particular area.
  • An important feature is that it pins up important topics on the home screen of the device so that you can stay updated.

Working control of the Application

The working of the application is very simple and comfortable. The main working of the application is to provide you the latest news and information from various sites and sources. It understands your choices that it if you are interested in some sections and not in others, it knows it and then henceforward provides you news and information as per your liking. For this, you need to give it some time so that it understands your taste. Of course the important updates and news will not missed. They come in the form of headlines on the screen.

The application also browses your social networking at times so that it can have a detailed knowledge about your liking and disliking. Further it provides at times full information about news with images and videos so that you can understand it better.

How To Download News360 For PC

Follow some procedure to get News360 for PC.

  • Install it and navigate to the search bar to search for News360 using 1Mobile or Google Play Store.
  • Once founded, hit the Install button located next to application name

Voila! All done … and now you’ll be updated with every latest happening around the world.

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