Microsoft Windows Media Player is most commonly and widely used application of own category. For Windows desktop users, Windows Media Player can be found integrated with the operating system. The program is designed such that, it fulfills all the aspects of the users which instantly may arise in their minds over using an ideal media player. The application is a standalone application amongst the best media players of the market for playing and viewing audio/video files of different formats.


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Effectively deal with your media libraries:

The main thing you will see while playing Microsoft WMP is that the interface is particularly smooth and simply assist you with a well-arranged media library features. The libraries are all around organized and give you speedy access to music, images and video files. Additionally you can burn DVDs and record videos using Windows Media Player. You can quickly go back and forth in the program by simply utilizing the “back and forward” buttons integrated to the interface of the program. These tools are mainly found helpful when you actively attempt to play random media files through the library, and meantime you are required go to the library page for different number of times. Additionally, the Windows Media Player accompanies support for other devices and gadgets, including Xbox360 and Mac and different mobile platforms.


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Rapid Synchronization:

Other than playing featured video and audio files, the application offers an advantageous method for synchronizing the files on electronic devices, such as MP3 files or other music libraries integrated with your PC can be synched with your devices. This feature essentially unites the devices with your PC using Windows Media Player.

The product additionally incorporates a feature, with which you can burn the DVD and CD disks with media content using Windows Media Player. You can create your sole record into a disk, with all the melodies you need to listen at a time, by just embedding the disk with the selected tracks using Windows Media Player burning feature.

Upgraded features and Media Playback:

Microsoft Windows Media Player offers you an arrangement of upgrades intended to help you enjoying movies and music files alike. There are possibilities of crossfading and auto volume leveling in the program, yet the outstanding equalizer effectively altering the sound frequencies will give you an amazing experience.

For featured video playback, you can explore some additional settings, which may help particularly in improving the appearance of the video such as – refining the hue, brightness, contrast and saturation of the video. The rundown of impressive features are enough to ensure that the application is useful or not. The player has built-in codecs to play featured formats of different audio and video files easily. It does not require any external codec or channel configuration to play better.

Taking all things into account, Windows Media Player remains a decent decision for those searching for a simple to utilize and interactive media player, which also coordinates consistently with the working framework of both Devices and Desktops. It offers more than straightforward media files playback.