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Download KMPlayer (Windows XP/7/8/10)

by boris

The KMPlayer is a multifunctional software, which is offering access to audio and all the different format video media for your computer systems/Smartphones. It carries versatility all along in its features followed by covering different types of formats such as VCD, DVD, 3GP, OGM, RealMedia or Quicktime. KMPlayer also enables you to capture the screenshots of a running or paused videos in it. The subtitles of a video using KMPlayer can also be viewed by its users. You can explore different types of external and internal filters in the KMPlayer through which you can make connections to other audio/video transforming filters such as splitter, decoders or renderers. KMPlayer was bought by Pandora.tv in 2008 and right from the year it was launched as a freeware in app market.


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KMPlayer has its own internal codec which enables you to play any format of the video file through it. PC downloaded movie can be viewed in it without interruptions and lags. It is operated in such a way that even if your PC does not have high system configurations, you can get access to HQ videos properly. Talking about its interface, it has got marvelous user interface with nice aesthetic touches. It is more versatile because it offers you many options of customization such as visualizations, playback and plug-ins, and so on. In short, KMPlayer can be customized entirely, carries several types of color themes all along and loaded with distinct configuration options. It is designed such that it creates a 3D experience for the normal video you are watching through it.


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KMPlayer Application for Mobile

Now users can take advantage of KMPlayer in their smartphones too. Recently in 2014, the developers of KMPlayer have launched an application for different mobile platforms as well. You can now find out KMPlayer app for Android and iOS from their associated application stores.

KMP Connect

KMP Connect is an amazing technology which allows you to play different audio/video files placed in computer system through your mobile phone. For this, all you need to do is, to create a connection between KMPlayer mobile application and KMP connect installed with PC. As the connection is made, you can explore various locations of your computer system and seek all the media files using your phone and play them all.


KMPlayer supports a wide range of audio and video formats for both computer and mobile platforms. You will get satisfactory results after going through its impressive features and configurations. It may feel way more pleased with its user interface and color compositions synched with changing tracks. KMPlayer has amazing graphics with its user interface as well. Moreover, it offers you great quality in the picture which would be snapped or captured from you at the time of a video being played or you can say snapshot feature.

KMPlayer application becomes way more interesting with the features and customization it offers. And the most amazing thing about it is, it can be downloaded by PC or smartphone users for free! Download it right away from the button listed below!

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