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Download IGI 1 for Free

by boris

If you’ve played IGI series, you must be pretty much aware of the beautiful curated story, where Llewelyn Jones is an ex service person of the Air Force and now he works as a freelancer for the air service operational team of American and British government. The game IGI 1 is about Jones who will be on various missions of fighting. You will experience many air force fighting techniques such as fire flights, war bases and many others while playing the game. The game is thus full of adventure and provides you a perfect background of thrilling war and destruction.


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The plot of the game is such that some terrorist group has stolen a nuclear weapon that can lead to massive destruction. The character has to steal back that particular weapon to protect the world from such destruction. To establish the aim, the character Jones has to pass through a number of paths that is full of thrilling activities and adventure. You will be narrated about the different scenarios as the plot advances and the character crosses each level one by one.

Not only the narration voice creates an adventurous environment but the graphics of the game also provides a sense of thrill to the players. The backgrounds of each level have been provided a real look. You can feel the warmth of the sun during the day time or you can also connect to the darkness when it is night or when the character is confronting someone in a tunnel like environment.


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You will be amazed to notice the smallest of things such as when a bullet hits the wall and makes a hole in it, it looks real. Even the bullets coming from the enemy towards the character look real and can at times stun you. The graphics of the game makes it alive and provides a lively feeling to you as well while you are playing the game.

You can experience the best war game with IGI 1. At times you will face such situations that will not only confuse you but also will at times make you lose your gaze about what to do next. You will notice the sudden attacks of the enemies from a different direction or when you all of a sudden get surrounded by your enemies.

The weapons used in the game are all real world weapons. Additionally, there are some of such weapons in this game that has been never used in any of the other war games. Along with these weapons there are other equipments also to be used such as binoculars or helmets that make the game more realistic in nature.


The game may need some special system requirements due to its great graphics and sound quality. With a good resolution video card and screen you can enjoy the feelings such as cranium pieces flying in the air after an attack. Also the narration of the plot and the guidance will be of good experience with a good sound card. The game is compatible with the operating system of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.

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Shrikant Shrisagar Sadanshiv August 17, 2018 - 12:21 pm

igi Game is Best Iam Daily play the Gamee

shibnath mita November 23, 2018 - 7:39 am

igi 1 is very cool game


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