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Download GTA 5 For Free

by boris

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is among the most famous series of games around the world by now. The Rockstar Games have by now developed and released a number of GTA games and the latest one is the GTA 5. The game of GTA 5 has been released almost after 5 years of its development and it has been made much more advanced than the earlier GTA games. The story is almost on the same plot apart from the change that the characters are more here and there are slight improvements in the various features of the game than before.

The story of GTA 5 is about 3 characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who make a group to complete the challenge of life. The story is set in the imaginary places of US just similar to other GTA series. The similar ideas and plots makes the game of GTA 5 much familiar to the players who have played earlier the old series of GTA. The features, background, and game play is almost similar to earlier versions of GTA. Thus, a person who has played GTA games earlier can easily get hold of this new launch of GTA 5 of the same series.


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Time For Action

The main attraction of the game GTA 5 is just purely the “action”. The various powers to the characters, the various weapons not only help the players to move ahead in the game but also provide a nice look to the display of the game. The characters of the game have a number of actions to show while they are moving ahead in the game crossing various levels. They perform a number of activities that includes cycling, darting, running, jumping and many others that is required to face various challenges on the way. If talked about weapons, there are a number of weapons that are there for the help of the characters to fight various odds in the way. Players can choose from a wide range of weapons for the help of the characters. With the crossing of each level, new weapons are unlocked that can be used in the next level of the game.


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One main feature that is carried here in the game of GTA 5 from its earlier versions is the technique of shooting while driving. Though, the weapons, cars and characters have changed, but the technique of shooting while driving the cars is still the same, with much more fluid controls.

Personification Of The Models

To get involved in the game more, the players can personify the characters, the car models, and others. The characters can be chosen from a wide range of figures and also the same is there for the cars. But after doing so also the car models can be personified as per the wish of the player. The players can change and modify various parts of the car and then can make it as per the player’s choice. This makes the game even more personified and the players are now even can be more attached to the game.

So, if you’re excited enough, download GTA 5 right aways and start playing on your PC!

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