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Download Flash Transfer for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

by boris

Flash Transfer is the most famous application in the Android market. There are numerous users who have downloaded this application from the Google Play Store and have been using it successfully in transferring big files from one device to another. Needless to say that after noticing the great success and popularity of the application, the zest for getting the same on PC is at its peak.


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So, worry no more! With the help of few simple steps the application of Flash Transfer now can be easily installed on your PC to transfer files to different devices.

What’s In Flash Transfer

There are a number of features of the application that makes it special and worth having.

  • It provides a speedy transfer that is 20 times faster than the transfer done by a Bluetooth device.
  • The application can be easily set up in the device in which you are going to use it.
  • There is no need of any kind of data connection for transfer of files from one device to another using this particular application.
  • You can send single and also multiple files at the same time. The files sent can be of even larger sizes such as a photo album.
  • In case you want faster speed in receiving then you can use QR codes that are also one of the features of the application.

Working of the Application

There are some very simple steps in the handling of the application for transferring files from one device to another.

  • Start up by setting your name with an avatar.
  • Now the option “Connect with friends” of the application has to be clicked on both the devices.
  • “Create connection” has to be clicked in sender’s device and “Scan to Join” has to be clicked in receiver’s device.
  • After the connection is established each device will have the avatars displayed of each other on the screen.
  • Now go to the file that you wish to transfer and press long on it. Automatically there will be notifications, following you can easily transfer the file.
  • You can either slide to transfer one file or can shake the device (in case of phone) to transfer multiple files.
  • All the transferred and received items are recorder in the History Tab of the application.
  • You can even create group or join previously created group in order to share files in a group.


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How to Download Flash Transfer for PC

The Android application can now be easily downloaded and used on your pc with the operating system of windows or Mac. There are some simple steps following which you can have the application downloaded and installed successfully on your PC.


  • Download the emulator Bluestacks on your PC, and install it.
  • Now when you have Bluestacks on your PC, search for the application of Flash Transfer in the marketplace of 1Mobile or on Google Play Store.
  • As you get the application, click on it directly to install it on your PC.
  • Later when the application is installed on your PC, open the application section of Bluestacks and click on the icon of Flash Transfer to get started with transferring of files.

Cool, isn’t it? In case you have any issues in getting Flash Transfer for PC, do let us know! 

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how can i upgrade my computer so it can downnload the flashshare app?


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