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Download Elmedia Player – Enjoy Music and Video on your Mac

by boris

As one of the reliable and user-friendly software systems, Elmedia Player is designed run on Mac Operating System. With lots of refined features, this software gives the best experience to the audio and video enthusiasts. There is no need of codecs and plugins for using this video player.


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Elmedia Player is available to the users in two versions. The free edition is integrated with the basic features, and we can compare it to VLC Player. There are lots of similarities that we can find in Elmedia and VLC Player. However, the paid version has several other useful features. In both the editions, you can play the file formats, like AVI, RV, FLV RM, SWF, WMV, DAT, MP4, MOV and XAP. Another important fact is that both these versions help the users to create playlists.

The software has presented a more sophisticated and polished UI, which focuses mostly on the media files. The users do not need to deal with the settings. The in-app browser is also included in two versions, and the users can open it in different window. It is useful for running audio, video and other Flash content. To use the feature in a better way, Pro version is the right choice. The users have also the capability of downloading content with few clicks.


  • Full-screen video playback mode is much convenient to the users
  • The speed of this playback is also adjustable very easily
  • There is a tool for looping an audio or video part
  • Create bookmarks and also manage them. The users can now mark all the preferred sections of audio and video;
  • Backs up more than one audio record with the choice of particular audio language
  • Easy control over the volume level
  • Various options of playlists – The users will be able to create the list, manage it, edit the content and look through the content
  • Options for loading lots of external albums, including the name of videos
  • Deinterlacing is another feature to solve various problems, like blurry picture, irregularity, flicking edge and crawling line, caused due to the difference in scanning image.
  • The Pro version acts as AirPlay streaming software, and it is also able to work with streamed video content, present in a different iOS, Android or Mac device. By using Elmedia, the users can have AirPlay run on Apple television.
  • Usually, MKV video file has more than one subtitle files. The best feature of this software is that there is an option to add subtitle files external to any video.
  • Elmedia Player, in Pro version, helps in downloading YouTube videos. The videos can be stored in the HDD.


We can conclude that Elmedia is most useful software for enjoying music and watching videos. In the higher version, the users can find ad-free videos. Elmedia Player is the product of Eltima Software and the developer is continuously trying to solve various issues to present the best tool.

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