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Download Disk Drill and Recover Files

by boris

Disk Drill, a popular data recovery software program, was launched in the year, 2010. With a list of useful features, this software is the most intuitive tool to the users. Developed by Cleverfiles, the software is designed for both Mac and Windows users. Within couple of minutes, you can install this file recovery software.


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The Basic or free version of the software helps the users to scan and protect data. It is easy to identify the files and then preview all of them. It enables users to know whether the essential files are recoverable. The unique feature is that more than one user can access this software. Thus, by installing it for one time, the corporate users can run it on all the computers of a company.


Disk Health – Most of the drives have S.M.A.R.T. system for monitoring their health. After activating this system, Disk Drill sends notification to the user on the potential drive problems.

Mac Cleanup – The software assesses the available space of the drive and helps the users visualizing their drives. Thus, the files, consuming maximum space, become easily detectable. The users can delete those files or shift them to get more space.

Duplicate File Finder – It is intended to check out the storage space, consumed by the extra folders or files. It scans all the drives in order to help users in removing the duplicate the image or music files and other documents.

Recovery Drive – The software creates bootable USB drive to recover the data, and it is helpful for all Mac users.

Choice for scanning – Deep Scan is best for the most complicated searches, while Quick Scan is intended for those, who try to have fastest scanning process.

Recovery Vault – It records the deleted files of the particular folders, and then, arranges them in the right way. Thus, file recovery becomes much easier.

Pause or Resume – Start the scanning process or stop it anytime with a single click.

Deleted partition recovery– While the users click on the incorrect button, it can cause the loss of partition. The software helps in recovering this partition.


  • Fastest file scanning tool
  • Small software consuming limited space.
  • User-friendly UI
  • Data filtration by data and size
  • Scans   HFS+, FAT, NTFS, exFAT and other formatted drives


  • Data recovery limitation up to 500 MB
  • Cannot show the quality of file prior to recovering it


From the overall review of Disk Drill features, we can say that it is a reliable file recovery software system. Due to the affordable pricing rates of the paid versions, most of the users may avail it easily. Moreover, result from scanning and recovery process is also good. Recover important data from memory cards and all other types of drives. CleverFiles has also customer representatives to solve the issues of Disk Drill users.

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