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Download Defraggler – Free

by boris

Defraggler is a utility application to defragment specific files and folders and monitors the performance and health of the SSDs and disc drives. The application is fully compatible and portable for better usage of services. It is an interactive drive map and supports various file systems such as FAT32, NTFS and included complete and quick options of defragging and integrated with Windows explorer in well manner. The recent updates in application includes Quick Optimize for SSD and has the ability to view other disc while running the operations and also, have improved file detection. Most of the defragging tools enables the defragging of the drive and it also allows user to specify more files and folders within the whole file to defragment. The application reads or write the files and utilizes similar techniques like Windows. The use of application is quite safe for files and folders and fragments entire drive in an organized manner. The drive map of application shows the empty blocks and spaces which requires defragmentation.


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  • Quick and easy process with Quick-defrag option.
  • Disc space can be organized for further prevention of fragmentation.
  • Defragmentation can be conducted at regular intervals with daily, weekly and monthly options.
  • Enhances performance of system with organized disc space.
  • Complete support of Windows operating system and multi-language support.
  • The application also have capability of boot time defrag within the system files.


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Defraggler can replace built-in defragmentation tool of Windows and context menus can be added to make the process of defragmentation handy for users. The application also has ability to move large files to back of the disc space for faster access of frequently used files and folders. The health option of application displays status of disc space and it also benchmarks the performance of disc. The Quick Optimize for SSD option works great with SSDs which does not support older version of Windows.


The disadvantage of application is that it does not support defragging of SSD and it is also indicated that defragging can decrease the lifespan of SSDs. The users may find it easy to use defragging quaint in the age of terabyte drives and SSDs.

Bottom Line

Defraggler has excellent utilities for organizing the disc space and a free software with basic services. It is a performance enhancement tool and better than the built-in Windows tool for the similar utilities.

Publisher’s Description

Defraggler allows to perform defragmentation on files and folders of hard disk to improve the performance of system. The defragmentation can be conducted according to the requirement of users and furthermore, the drive map indicates the empty blocks and spaces to be defragmented, required organization and prevent fragmentation. The schedule setting for defragmentation allows user to organize their system and enhance performance over the time.

Change Log

The updated version of application added move option for files and folders to the end of drive. It has also come up with the SSD optimize and quick optimize options. It has also added option to disable the auto benchmark option for benchmarking after defragging process. The application has better localized support, minor improvements in graphic user interface and minor bug fixes are addressed.

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