All the games from the series Call of Duty have remained a journey of adventure and thrill for all the players. Similarly, the game Call of Duty Ghosts of the same series is full of adventure and thrilling game play for the players. The best thing in this series is that all the games have something different to entertain the gamers. Here in this game, in comparison to the other games such as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty Black ops 2, the characters do not fight against the enemies for freedom rather they fight against an unknown enemy for survival.


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The background and theme of the game has been set in a way that the entire nation of America has changed due to a devastating war that has been going on. Whatever is left out is attacked by a new force that is known as ghosts in the game. This unknown power has some technologically superior powers and are there to finish the nation. The characters in the game are also loaded with special weapons and powers to fight this new power known as ghosts. It is the responsibility of the characters to fight against the ghosts and protect the nation. When you start playing the game you will come across a team of new characters and an entirely new background.

You will definitely have a long lasting influence of the game Call of Duty Ghosts as the game of 10 hours is full of activities such as flying helicopters, underwater diving and many more that makes you excited. The ghost remains the central attraction of the game but also there are many things that can be done with your characters. You can have almost 10 different characters in the game using different personalization.


Also both the single player mode as well as the multiplayer mode there are almost more than 30 weapons and 12 other items that can be used in the 15 battle fields of 13 modes each. Also, if you are too tired of not able to cross one particular level, then for your help there is the score streak that have a bomb blasting technique that will help you in crossing that level faster and easily. Apart from this the new weapon that has been introduced in the game is the marksman rifle that is more powerful than the other rifles.

When you are downloading the game Call of Duty Ghosts on your computer, there are some requirements that you need to look after, these are:

  • You must have Windows operating system of the version Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 of 64 bit.
  • RAM of 6 GB space.
  • Hard disk of 40 GB free space.
  • A sound card.
  • A video card of good resolution and graphics.

A strong network broadband internet connection is also needed so that the downloading does not get disrupted due to sudden breakage of the network or certain fall in running speed of the internet.