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by boris

BitDefender Total Security is one of the most effective antivirus engine and a free software. It utilizes ICSA Labs certifies engines for scanning process and allows the users to use basic protection for free. The software is an on demand virus scanner and it is best used for the recovery within the system. It is a top notch security software and anti-malware suite with extra features of protecting the system against ransom ware.


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  • Scanning and removal of viruses.
  • Function of on demand scanning process is conducted with powerful scan engines to ensure detection and removal of viruses completely.
  • Easy scanning process with single right click on targeted files and folders.
  • Intuitive interface of applications allows users to utilize the application conveniently.
  • Scheduled scanning enables the users to save their time and scanning process can be conducted in off hours while not using the computer.
  • The infected files can be isolated in quarantine to ensure diminishing of infection and protect the system in best possible manner.
  • Security reports can be generated to see the scan process statistics within the system.


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The application is surely one of the best security engine and an independent software with excellent accuracy, speed and system performance impacts. The application also have the capability to detect malwares which encrypts the documents of users and ask ransom amount for password decryption. The application has individual tool for checking the new software versions and new downloads automatically.


The settings of application could have used more explanation to understand the process. It could have explained the happenings with protection against fraud and phishing but it does not provide such explanations. It might become a mystery for the user who has never used the application earlier. The Registry scanner could have given some relevant information about the cleaning of registry files to avoid further issues and problems in the system. The file shredder requires fleshing out and need to show the information about deleting the files and method utilized for conducting the same. The security focused user might require some more detailed information about the scanning and removal process.

Bottom Line

Bitdefender Total Security is a great application for protecting the system against ransomware and considered among one of the best available anti-malware protection software’s. However, some more information on settings and processing within the application wold have been more helpful for users.

Publisher’s Description

Bitdefender Total Security removes or blocks all type of cyber threats which impacts the performance of system. It handles various malwares and ransomwares such as data theft, payment interceptions, stealing of confidential passwords, other infections causing massive slowdown of system. The application takes best decisions for security of system and also, temporarily blocks the devices and locks the passwords in security vault. The parental control, improved firewall, vulnerability scanner, security reports, notifications of smartphones, online payment browser and protection of privacy are some of the exceptional features of application.

Change Log

The updated version of application has new firewall, new parental advisor, improved wallet and anti-theft. The traffic light technology and other usability improvements also exists in updated version. The anti-ransomware protection is also enhanced in significant manner.

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