If you have enjoyed killing the zombie in the game Dead Trigger, then get ready to enjoy the next treat from the game developer Madfinger in the form of Dead Trigger 2. Dead Trigger has been a great hit among many players and hence now it is back with its more improved version Dead Trigger 2. With great graphics and sound effects, the game is back with a number of other added and improved features to take your excitement to another level. In this game you will find that the drawbacks such as repetitive game play have been removed and some awesome tricks have been incorporated.


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As you install the game on your device and then start it, you will be welcomed by a video that will tell you a story or the plot of the game, which goes like, you are in USA and slowly as the game begins, you will find yourself trekking to some other continents of the world. If you have played Dead Trigger, then you will get some of the familiar tricks and moves, while you may get many such areas that are new and more adventurous.

Here you will find that the zombies are more dangerous and creepy than the zombies of Dead Trigger first version. Hence the auto fire mode is activated since the starting of the game, so that you don’t die soon in the game. Just aim at a zombie and your gun will start firing. Another new incorporation is a number of hideouts where you can hide from the zombie at different times in case when you see that you will be not able to fight against them easily. Also you have a provision of a workstation, where you can upgrade your weapons to fight against more dangerous zombies in the next levels. Here you can also prepare for your medical supplies and other necessary and this part makes the game look like real.

One of the main drawbacks of the game Dead Trigger was the energy meter. You have to always stay concerned about the energy meter getting down with each move. But this drawback has been removed in case of Dead Trigger 2. The absence of the energy meter makes allows you to play the game without much of a concern about your energy. Just play the game with your tricky moves, making use of various hideouts and kill the zombies with your upgraded weapons.


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Do you wish to play this game on your Mac device? You can do so with the help of an Android emulator such as Bluestacks.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your Mac device and now start searching the game Dead Trigger 2 for Mac in the search option of Bluestacks.
  • As you get the game from the result list, click on the game to select it separately.
  • As you select the game, you will get an option of ‘install’ with the game.
  • Click on the option ‘install’ and you will see that the game will start installing instantly on your device that you can start playing from ‘My Applications’ option of Bluestacks.