CuteFTP is an FTP Client for dependable and secure exchange of documents over the standard conventional protocols including, FTP, HTTP, SSH, HTTPS and so on. Adopting this application can be your great decision while considering its extraordinary execution, security, power and utility offered for both inside and out use. The application is anything but difficult to utilize and handles difficulties in data management in a well way. It additionally accomplishes HIPAA, GLBA and consistence of Sarbanes-Oxley. The application alters HTML, runs podcasts and runs various scripts within of the application. The application is quick, supports unknown documents and passwords for single use, and likewise has secure exchange system. It is one of the recompenses winning FTP programs with extraordinary security conventions, for example, SSH, HTTPS pages, TLS encryption, and several other different figures. CuteFTP supports rapid compression with gzip, cab, and zip formats.


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Highlighting Features of the Program

There some most basic and important features exist in this program such as, Web connectivity over different conventions of protocol is exceptionally adaptable, quick handling of file exchanges through speedier innovation, improved data integrity via its approving and checking components. Automated task accumulation and less tedious procedure. Likewise, remote and neighborhood altering of records, ensured delivery through auto programmed restart handling and gives continuous file exchange system. Simple setup and association and service to various destinations, and configurable setting options for modified document exchanges.


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What you may like in this program?

  • Easy setup and installation, which can help first time users.
  • Saves a considerable measure of time with automated forms.
  • Provides incredible reviewing capacities for delivery made of files.
  • Sensitive data can be exchanged effortlessly with no protection issues.
  • High efficiency application with fly-on ability of editing the files.
  • Program is a cost effective arrangement.
  • Protects the honesty and protection of information through verification and secure logins and exchanges.
  • Security of use is all around upheld with the HTTPS, FTPS, protected shell, and manager of password, Open PGP encryption and decoding and other validation protocol.
  • Automatic procedural plans the moves in quick and open way.
  • Local organizers can without much of a stretch be followed for making any changes.
  • Creation of podcast RSS service and channels of audio media in incredible fashion.
  • Time sparing scripts and macros decrease the procedure time.

What you may not like?

  • The application has such a large number of pointless installation steps.

Distributer’s Description

The application is incredible for documents-exchange utility and for those who need a great FTP client. It accompanies general change in security and automation in connections and likewise in the meantime, the application can be utilized for better versatility, worldwide comuunication in the field.

Change Log

The recent variant of CuteFTP spreads different fixing of minor bugs. It has upgraded HTML Editor and empowers the utilization of Scintilla manager. It has tended to finish different site based issues and settings. The issues of wrong modified time in downloaded records have been determined. The progressions can now be spared in remote records with upgraded adaptation. The application dependability issues are altered. The command termed as “GetResult” now works for returning in the whole listing. It has additionally tended to finish the issue of posting of records and envelopes while uniting with Unix style catalog. The hang issues and minor enrollment issues are likewise addressed while exchanging huge number of records and directory. The fizzled transfers over SFTP has been determined while associating with Unix-style frameworks and other technological changes by developers.