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Clumsy Bird for PC or Windows 7/8 and Xp Computers

by boris

The game lovers of Android can never miss out the gaming experience of clumsy bird that really gives them the opportunity to test their gaming skills over the phone. Though this application is best designed for Android users, the gamers can now explore the best features of the game with a bigger display in their PC. The game is available free in Google play store, but still if the gamers just want to have extravagantly enough of the game then they can always opt for some paid extra features that can truly enhance their gaming experience. The game can support most of the Windows version (windows 7/8 and Xp OS) in the PC, so you do not have to worry about the compatibility of this application for the operating system of your PC.


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The Features of Clumsy Bird:

The clumsy bird gaming experience may not match with other high quality Android games, if the comparison is made on the basis of Graphics. Still the game has all relevant combinations of sound and gaming slots that can count its popularity for all the Android game lovers. So if you are looking for some real alternative of Flappy Bird then this is the game, you should download and play.

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The game may initially look simple where the gamer has to have goof hands on the careen to fly the bird saving it from getting crashed on the narrow gaps of the trees. The main objective of the game is to fly the bird as far as possible without getting it crashed on the walls. The best part about this game is it also has multiplayer mode. So the gamer can connect the game to its online server and invite more friends to play the game online. This way the game even helps you to build your social presence among your friends and contacts.

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Step by Step procedure to download Clumsy Bird on Windows Computer

Before download the game in your PC, just check whether you have the latest Graphics version and its drivers installed in your PC, because you may experience some problems if the graphics is too old and outdated.

  1. As the game is best for Android version, you need to first download an emulator to run the Android mobile application in your PC. In this context, Bluestacks emulator is one of the most highly preferred emulator for the gamers to download Android applications in their PC.
  2. Start the download and installation of Bluestacks from its trusted official site, and follow the easy instructions to complete the installation process.
  3. After completing the installation of Bluestacks you can then go for its search options and search for Clumsy Bird Android game application.
  4. After you find the application in Bluestacks you can directly start the download and installations process following all the easy instructions. After the successful installation of the game your PC will then be ready to deliver the best gaming experience of Clumsy Bird that otherwise was only available on your small phone screens. After the download of the game in PC, you will certainly get a different experience of the game because of the bigger screen and easy navigation switches.

Wrapping it Up

Overall Clumsy bird was not able to create the buzz which Flappy Bird created but still, it gave the gamers something to cheer up. Flappy Bird is extremely difficult to play, on the other hand, Clumsy bird is slightly easier. We hope that you liked our tutorial to download Clumsy bird on your windows 7/8 and Xp Computer.

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