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CleanMyMac – Download for Free

by boris

CleanMyMac, released first in the year, 2009, is a software application, intended to remove unnecessary data or files, like language folders, log data and cache data. With the use of this software, the Mac users can keep their system clean. By cleaning these junk files, the users can get back more space and can keep themselves free from malwares and Trojans too.


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Cleaning the system with one button

It is very easy to run CleanMyMac, as the users have to just click on a button, and the software will start scanning Mac thoroughly. It chooses only those files, which do not cause any concern to the users after removal. Thus, there is no chance of deleting wrong files. This is a smart and automatic Mac cleaning tool.

Safe cleanup

Safety is the most important focus of CleanMyMac developer. The algorithm, intended for cleaning mechanism, includes the best rules and items. The software gives notification to the users at the time of cleaning Mac.

Free up photo library

The caches, hidden in the photo library, waste much of the space of a device. While the viewers or users views at the stored photos on iCloud, the cache files get accumulated. If you have a big photo library, those files will take up much of the space. CleanMyMac can clean this space, and the users do not have to be concerned on the loss of photos.


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Mail cleanup

All the attachments of Mail get stored in Mac computer. It is really time-consuming to remove those attachments manually by looking through the mailbox. Thus, to make the process faster, CleanMyMac is the right solution, and it saves the users from all troubles.

Cleans several trash bins

The software can clean all the trashes of Photos, Mail and of various apps. Thus, it acts as a garbage cleaner, and this process will get accomplished with one click.

Remove add-ons and plugins

It is easy to deactivate or delete all the plugins that are not useful. Every extension is present in one dashboard, and thus, the users won’t waste their time by opening all apps.

Change Log

CleanMyMac was updated to version 2 in 2013, and the developer had redesigned the UI in this software. It had offered tools for cleaning iPhoto library and for finding the old and large files. The compatibility to OS X and the overall performance were also enhanced. Those, who have bought CleanMyMac Classic license, can easily get CleanMyMac 2 at free of cost. Now, the latest one is CleanMyMac 3, and MacPaw launched it in 2017.


  • Neat UI
  • Does not take up much resource of CPU and RAM
  • Includes customizable settings
  • Runs fast
  • Dashboard with detailed information


Costlier than other software systems


CleanMyMac is high-quality, functional Mac cleaning software. The users can configure it easily and use it for their purpose. The software removes the trashes easily. To maintain the performance of Mac PC, it is the most useful software. Download the software and try out its features.

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