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CCleaner – Free Download for Your PC

by boris

You must have heard about cleaners for your smartphones and some of you might have used it also. Ever wonder what a cleaner would be like for a Windows device i.e. you laptop, desktop, notebook, etc.? Well CCleaner is something which might fulfill your cleaning needs in a windows device.

What Is CCleaner?

CCleaner is an application which runs on windows platform and which is used to clean all the junk files from your PC or laptops. CCleaner basically helps you get rid of those files which are not easily removed from your system. Not only this helps in making some free space but also helps in improving performance of your system. Free Space and some fast response is what everyone likes in their system and CCleaner helps you to achieve these things.

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Why CCleaner?

This question might be on your mind as why we should go with CCleaner and not something else? Well, answer to this question is pretty simple. CCleaner is most widely and critically acclaimed software for cleaning purpose. It has won several awards and it is trusted by millions of users across the globe. CCleaner makes your system faster. It provides a safer browsing experience. It reduces errors and crashes by many folds. Most importantly it gives freedom from very frustrating long startups by providing quicker and faster startup.

Some cool features

Most essential and striking feature of CCleaner is its ability to clean junk files. Junk files is a term given to those unwanted files which unnecessarily occupies space in your hard disk and also slows down your system. People who says, that there is nothing happening by using such cleaners, must use this application and experience the difference. Cleaning of even few bytes might sometimes prove very helpful!! CCleaner detects and deletes even the most remotely hidden junk files by disconnecting them from their parent application.

Do not get fooled by the name. CCleaner does not only cleans files but also perform other functions. Most importantly, it offers a secure internet browsing experience. It constantly check for malicious and junk files over the page one is browsing on an internet and get rid of those files. It also does not allow any file to creep in from background of a webpage. Thus making a worry free browsing experience.

What Else?

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CCleaner comes in three different versions. Depending on the need and usage one can download a suitable version. The three version are named as Free, Professional and Professional Plus. Free version offers the very basic features and is free to download. Professional one is well suited for users who will use this application in an organisation. Professional Plus allows one to completely explore the maximum potential of this software. So, go for the version which is best suited for your need. Free version does all the necessary work and is quite handy. So if you are looking to free some of the bytes from your system and wants to enhance its performance then CCleaner is a must need for your system. You can download it from below!

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