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Download Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for Free

by boris

The series of Call of Duty has been offering games of various flavors every year to its players. Though certain things remain same in the game such as the concept of war, there are other many things that keep on changing with the series each year. So, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is there with its concept of war in the modern times. As the name has already put an impact that the game will be full of various modern technologies and various futuristic items, the players will witness all what they have thought and imagined about the game.


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There are a number of features to make the game special and different from other games of the series.

Features – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

  • The game is differentiated from other games based on its technicalities. As the war is taking place in the year of 2050, it has to have the ultimate modern weapons and items and the game has fulfilled it. There are some such technical items that are used in this game for the very first time.
  • The game is worth playing due to its stunning graphics. There are some amazing movements such as the hover boards, the opening of the doors, the blasting and many more. You will experience a number of graphics while you proceed in the game.
  • The map is the eminent part of the game. Here you will get to know about in which direction to go and about various locations. This time the map is also updated. Here you can view the terraces and galleys and many other places from where your enemies can arrive and also where you can go.
  • You can play the game both in single player mode and multiplayer mode. You will have more than 15 missions while you are playing the game. When you join with your friends in multiplayer mode, there are some extra features and movements that you will experience. Thus, altogether you will have a new twist in the game every now and then.


Talking about the weapons, as the game is a modern war game, thus the weapons are also quite modern such as the rifles with silencers, sonic mufflers and many more. Special feature is that at a single time you can use as possible as 13 weapons in the war. Each time you gain a rank, you also unlock a new weapon.


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There are some requirements that you should have a look before you get the game. As the game is full of high resolution graphics and is a lengthy game, so the size of the file has to be big. To support such a big size file game, your computer must have a space of about 6 GB in RAM and about 55 GB in the hard disk of the computer. The game is compatible with the latest versions of the Windows operating system such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 of 64 bit. Also, you should have a sound card as well as a video card.

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