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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for PC – Free Download

by boris

You must be tired of playing the same games of adventures by now and so there are new types of games that will excite you as well as entertain you to the fullest. The series of Call of Duty is full of such imaginary elements that will definitely create a sensation of thrill and excitement in the players. There is a concept of future wars from the previous game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and has an addition of the new concept of zombies attached to the characters in this game Call of Duty Black Ops 2.


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Features Making The Game Exciting Than Other Games

There are a number of features that will excite the players and will make them stick to the game for a longer time. The main aim is to steal the keys from various places before your enemies take them away.

  • The game starts with a scene where a number of people are burning alive. This scene is lead by a number of similar scenes and even more horrifying ones. Thus, since the starting of the game it can be noticed that the game has super tight graphics that is required for a zombie game and for thrilling experience.
  • The important interest in the game is that it has two modes or timelines of playing. One has a background of the cold war times and the second is the time of around 2050. Both are contrasts to each other and thus you can have real fun by switching between the two at different times.
  • The shooting mechanism here is different. Here you will have two options of whether you want to kill by shooting or you want to leave the enemy alive only by injuring it. Similarly, there are many more such techniques.
  • Also, here you will get the option of going rewind in the previous level in case if you wish to take a second route in it.
  • There are a number of missions and challenges, on winning which you can earn a number of rewards. Also, there are a number of modes such as a mode where you can get involved in the squad of soldiers.
  • In various challenges and campaigns such as the League play there are a number of activities such as flying the jet, running among the wolves and many more.

In the multiplayer mode of this game, you can carry weapons along with some perks that means some extra powerful activities along with you. There is also a power of codcast, through which you can introduce new character anytime.


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Thus, the game Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a game of adventure, thrill and excitement. But before you get this game on your computer, there are some guidelines for easy installing of the game and smooth playing.


If you are getting this game for your Windows PC, then you have to make sure that you have the latest version of windows operating system. Also, check that you should have space of about 2 GB RAM and your computer is well equipped with a sound and a video card.

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