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Call of Duty 4 for PC – Free Download

by boris

The developer of the game may have understood of the fact that the players wish to have something more challenging and interesting than the 1940s war games and may be this is the reason Call of Duty 4 is now here. It has been provided a second name of Modern Warfare that justifies the game and its features. Call of Duty 4 is a game that is about a war that has taken place in modern times and so many new features and adventurous moments are added and modified in the game. Along with the single player mode, also the multiplayer mode is added with many features and many visually striking effects. Also, the enemies are deadly to maintain the adventure and thrilling experience in the game.


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If you are waiting to get astonished by a game then Call of Duty 4 is the one that you should play. The game story starts from a scene of windy night where you are in a boat that is about to sink. From here you need to cross various hurdles and in between there are many more such moments that will actually stun you and will leave you spell bound. Talking about the action in the game, it can be said that adventure loving gamers will actually love this game and some of the stunning moments it has. There will be a compass at the base of the screen that will guide you about in which direction to go. Of course you know that it is not just going but crossing many hurdles. These hurdles can be from amazing stunt full moments such as killing terrorists in farmhouse, or raiding a house or even helping the friend caught in the middle of gunfire and many more.

If you are in a group, then you should definitely try the multiplayer mode of the game for more fun and adventure. At a time, as many as 18 players can play the game in multiplayer mode. There are 16 different maps to choose from and 6 modes to play on. Here you can use the personalization of weapons and also you can change certain rules in the settings to make the game more challenging and real. Apart from just killing the enemies, there are some special features that have been included such as killing several enemies together can gain you some kind of booster that you can use in further. Also, by crossing various levels you will be unlocking different weapons.


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Apart from the action part in the game, the graphics of the game is also equally stunning. You can see fields, houses, smoky areas and many more other backgrounds that will look real giving you an adventurous effect. Even if you look at the maps, some of them will define with craters and boulders and that they have already faced some kind of war before. As the graphics are so intense, so of course it is understood that the game is quite big and it needs some good space in the computer such as about 512 RAM and 8 GB of free hard disk space. Additionally, a good sound card and a minimum 128 MB 3D video card is must to enjoy Call Of Duty 4 to the fullest.

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