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BBM FOR PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) Computers – Free Download

by boris

Blackberry Messenger once created a huge hype in the mobile world arena making Blackberry phones one of the most stylish and classy range of phones in the market. However, after being an addiction for millions it suddenly lost its popularity in the market after the influx of WhatsApp messenger. No wonder this wonderful app still captures the attention of many people worldwide, today we are going to give you a simple tutorial to download BBM for PC, however, this app is still not available for PC but we will tell you how you can crack the mystery of BBM on your windows 7/8/Xp computers.

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No doubt the craze of Blackberry Smartphones has been lost after the influx of exciting touch screen Android Smartphones. Though there are no issues with Blackberry phones but still it has lost its market value. 


Features of Blackberry Phones

One of the basic features of Blackberry making it the apple of the eye is BBM messenger which is also the first free messaging app to be developed. However, not so late it was only available for Blackberry Phones but recently BBM has been launched for other platforms like windows (8/7/Xp/Vista), mac and iOS.

BBM is now available for iOS and Android smartphones, there is not such any significant difference between the BBM for Blackberry and BBM for other platforms, both have same user interface and probably with this proactive step BBM is certainly gazing the attention of other mobile platforms.

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Features of BBM for Android

Before we proceed further and tell you the process of downloading BBM for PC, let’s talk about the features of BBM for Android and also features of BBM for PC. The features of BBM app are exactly similar on smartphones and windows computer or desktops.

  • As we have already told you that UI of this app is very simple and elegant. You won’t come across any hitch to learn the process of sending free messages to your friends on BBM, and that’s what makes BBM one of a kind app.
  • Another common feature of BBM is that it allows you to send unlimited messages to your friends irrespective of their mobile platform just like WhatsApp.
  • BBM is a very fast functioning app which is always on except when your internet connection is not working, it delivers your message instantly to the receiver as soon as you send it.
  • Not only this, BBM also allows you to share videos, images and other files such as contacts to your friends instantly.
  • Another interesting feature of this app is that every time you listens to a song or watching a video there is feature called “show what I am listening to” this feature allows you to display “the name of the song “or video you are watching on your BBM wall, this allows your friend to see which song you are listening to.
  • One of the most important feature of BBM is that it is very secure to use as it do not create your account using your phone number, rather it creates your account on the basis of unique pin generated by BBM itself for each and every user. To add a person to your contact list all you need is their BBM Pin.
  • Some of the basic features of BBM are sharing status update, other account information with your friends, overall it’s a fun app to use.


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How to Download and Install BBM for PC/windows (7/8/Xp)/MAC

To download BBM on your PC you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. First of all download BlueStacks on  your PC , (BlueStacks is an App which allows you to run Android apps on your PC)
  2. After downloading BlueStacks app player on your PC search for BBM for Android in the search tool bar.
  3. When you get the desired result install it on your PC.

This is all you need to download Blackberry messenger on your windows 7 and windows 8 operating system, I hope you would have liked our tutorial on BBM for PC. Please share it with your friends on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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