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AVG Free Antivirus – Free Download

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You cannot skip this antivirus program due to its precious and fundamental usefulness for your PC. Luckily, the people who are in need of a free and strong antivirus program for their PC can get a lot of arrangements accessible with the AVG Antivirus software. The most recent version of the program offers various helpful, protective support for your machine in both online and offline cases. AVG has come up with its brand new look with its recent update and ultimately offers more reliable protection against different malicious infections and security threats.


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Features of AVG Antivirus:

The AVG Antivirus software manually isolates itself into five main areas of protection. Each area is allocated with a substantial panel including Computer, Internet, Access, Information Exchange, and Firewall. The program depicts these distinctive panels within a circle allocated with each category. Such as, the security panel allocated for internet access is termed as web protection panel. This area of protection covers almost the 75% of the entire possible infections and threats. In case, when any security issue arises, the different number of panels examine the virus and sort it’s the category. After this process, the colour of a particular changes, which depicts the type of malware or other respective security threat found in the program.


There are three distinctive hues assigned to the each panel, which will tell that at what extent your computer may have harmed with the found threat. To keep it simple to understand, these colours are based on traffic light indicators, where green colour depicts no harm to the computer, yellow colour shows that the computer needs your attention and red colour shows that infection found may cause a critical damage to your machine, so you need to take a quick action against it.

Key Components Of The Antivirus Program:

The AVG Antivirus is a famous and widely used antivirus and antispyware. You can make a continuous and safe web surfing in your PC or Laptop with this program. There are almost 80 millions of users have rated the program best amongst the list of top free antivirus software. The software is easy to download and likewise easy to install in your PC. You will not be concerned anymore with the different spywares and infections or security threats with this perfect free antivirus program. The software is compatible with different operating systems – Windows 7, Vista, XP, 8 or 10. The program is only free for non-commercial users or individual users, and in case you want it for commercial use then you will need to purchase its licence for making utilization.


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With the year 2015, you will see some more enhanced features in the program, as the developers of the program are keep on doing the modification with the program. For example, cloud-based detection method has been brought with the new version of AVG Antivirus Software. At last, all you can do is, utilize the program and experience its capabilities. There would not asked any subscriptions for utilization from you until you are using it non-commercially.

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