Adobe reader is an application for a Windows operating system that can be used for creating, editing, and reading PDF files. The acronym PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The adobe reader was developed by Adobe Systems and was released in year 1990. Since then it has come across several competitors. Earlier Adobe reader was a paid application, but after a release of its freeware version it was made available at free of cost. The newest version released is Acrobat reader, which is a professional application. Adobe reader has now became a utility application used for commercial and non-commercial purposes due to its user friendly interface, compatibility, and protectively nature.

adobe reader

Access Adobe Reader with a Simple User Interface

Adobe reader provides a simple yet insightful interface for its users. A navigation menu located at the top of screen allows its user to select text, zooming of content, take snapshots, find out text, and many more such functions. With the release of its newest version, adobe reader is now integrated with enhanced tools namely, create, export, send and store selections. Well it doesn’t end here, this application also includes signing and commenting features. Adobe reader facilitates its users with sharing of their signs, comments via mail or send-now service. A number of improvement has been seen during the launch of all its versions. Adobe Reader has become more secured, more reliable and professional.

Does Your Adobe Reader is Secured?

Yes! Your Adobe Reader is absolutely secured and free from any malware. The most secured version of Adobe Reader was ever released is Adobe Reader-XI. This version of Adobe Reader isolates the harmful elements from entering into your main system. Handling of all these harmful entities is done by Sandboxed-area.

How Fast Adobe Reader Works for you?

Yes that’s true that Adobe Reader comprises of that features which you can’t find on any other PDF reader but, Adobe Reader was never appreciated for its responsive speed. It have had come across several criticism regarding to its slow speed of responding due to a pile of plug-ins along with several extensions. Several readers like Foxit Reader are relatively much lighter. Well it is not of much concern for a normal user as all these plug-ins and extensions can be disable, if a user requires. Talking in general sense, Adobe Reader has a capability to maintain its responsive speed by reducing high quality visual effects. Newer editions of Adobe Reader are now enhanced with a memory convention techniques so as to lower the burden on your system main memory. This allows you to perform multitask without much strain.

adobe reader

Final Words

In all Adobe Reader is a great utility application. It is the application that you will find in almost all Computers. However, there are several other readers like Foxit Reader in its competition but, Adobe Reader has its own features that cannot be compared irrespective of its low responsive speed. Adobe Reader have continuously improved itself and you can expect the more. So, what are you waiting for!? Download now to assist yourself in reading PDF documents anywhere and anytime.