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Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC

by boris

Nothing else will be able to impress you the way Adobe Lightroom Mobile can do in regards of the photo editing services. A very user-friendly tool for photo editing sessions, Adobe Lightroom is a companion now for many photographers who wish to experiment with images clicked or that are anywhere from the internet. The only thing that will be required by the user in handling this handy application will be an internet connection in the device while experimenting with the images and editing it before finalizing the project. Though there are already a number of photo editing applications available in the market at recent times, but as mentioned before, there are a number of advantages of Adobe Lightroom Mobile that makes it distant from the other known applications.


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Though similar in the basic features to other photo editing applications, Adobe Lightroom is known for a very special feature that is handling the RAW images in a very efficient manner. There are many photographers who do not wish to compress the RAW images that are big in size clicked by them. To edit such photographs, the photographer first has to convert it into JPEG image and then can use any of the photo editing applications. But this is not the case with Adobe Lightroom Mobile. These particular images in RAW format can be also easily added up by the application.

In many of the applications, storage remains a major issue. But thanks to the cloud service of Adobe Lightroom Mobile, this particular issue of storage is easily sorted out. Whenever you install the application on your computer, it will ask you to update the system and then sync the existing images with the application. Adobe Lightroom Mobile has cloud storage of about 20GB and on syncing the images of the device; the application uploads the images to the cloud so that you can easily get it from the cloud whenever you have to try your fingers on it. The images are uploaded in their original sizes and are shown in a smart preview files for selecting one from it.

Coming to the editing part, the best thing that can be noticed is the option that asks of ‘Rough Draft now’ and ‘Final draft now’. This can be a way that can remind the user that whether they have completed editing an image or not. To help in comparing the original image with the edited image, the application provides a number of slides in different patterns. To edit, all such gestures are offered such as crop, blur, color contrast and many others that can help you in properly editing an image as per your wish. And then finally when you are done with your editing you can easily upload the edited images to your social networks directly from the application.

To get the application Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC you need to have an emulator Bluestacks installed on your PC. In case if you do not have Bluestacks, you can easily get it from here! Now search for Adobe Lightroom Mobile for PC in its search option and from there itself you can directly install the application on the device.

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