Utilizing WinZip, you can get the best way to deal with the compressed files and documents exchange. There is no such application or program exist in the market which does compression of documents before keeping it into a Zip file. This quality of WinZip keeps the application at the top among different rivalries.

You can rapidly and safely compress your private files through WinZip, before sharing it with your companions or friends. Additionally, the program will be found more helpful to conserve the storage space, speed or transmission of mail and quick download speed of the internet. WinZip follows a solid AES encryption for your privacy, and multiple numbers of formats in compressing the files. Interestingly, now all you can do with your lists of photographs is, compress them within WinZip folder and make the sharing easier.


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Moving on to the attractive features of WinZip utility, it includes picture compression, and compatibility for other compression formats, support for multiple zip formats, and the feature you would like the most is the availability, WinZip is being utilized throughout the world. Well, that is only the first chapter of the book, there is a lot more to explore about this utility. You can work fast, keeping more intelligence, and more security.

What you may like in WinZip?

WinZip enables you to manage and sync up your entire important data with sources of cloud storage. All the different resources including OneDrive, MediaFire, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, and CloudMe can be used to upload the WinZip file.

Integrated Experience:

WinZip has recently modified its look with the latest release, which looks like Windows Explorer. Well it not only looks like Windows explorer, but also, may found helpful like it, such as it can manage your files in a well-compressed format, which will reduce the memory used in your PC. Also, with this way the files can be dragged and dropped very quickly and easily.

Smooth setup:

It is pretty easy to manage your documents with the new WinZip utility. Simply sign in with the application and allow the application to manage your documents on your chosen source of cloud storage. Few of cloud hosts such as Box and Google Drive takes a bit long time to get the entire things done.

Share, Manage, and Backup your Files:


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You can now relocate information crosswise on cloud storage, the encryption and compression is made alongside, and also a backup is created for the case of missing of the documents. Encrypting your ZIP document in the cloud offers you an extra layer of protection. This way, if somehow the document is leaked, then your files will be secured too, and the thief won’t get access to the file.

Bottom Line:

WinZip is the only utility application which determines that how you can deal with your documents, beyond just compressing or unzipping them in exchange. There is lot to talk and like about the latest release of WinZip such as the user-friendly interface, the capacity to connect distinctive cloud sources, and file encryption.